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A number of groups of staff work within Radiology, here is some information that you may find helpful if you are either visiting us as a patient, or if you're interested in working in the field.


Radiologists are doctors who use imaging tests to diagnose problems and decide on the best way to manage the problems. If you have come to the department for a test such as an injection or biopsy, it is likely that your test will be performed by a radiologist; if you have come to the department for an ultrasound scan it may also be a radiologist who performs your scan.
In appropriate cases, radiologists use minimally invasive methods to treat diseases; for example, diseases of arteries, the liver, and drainage of abscesses and fluid collections. In addition, biopsy of tissues is carried out on a regular basis. These procedures (and others) help to avoid the need for surgical intervention in numerous cases. 


Radiographers are responsible for acquiring images for diagnosis. The majority of the examinations performed in this department are performed by a radiographer.
Radiographers are involved in acquiring the whole range of imaging examinations, including x-rays, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT).  Some radiographers have also undergone further training to perform procedures (such as barium enemas), or in interpreting x-rays.

Radiology Nurses:

Nurses in Radiology are involved in the care, and assessment of patients undergoing more invasive forms of imaging, and assisting radiologists in interventional cases.  The radiology nurse's role requires a high level of knowledge, expertise and independence because the department provides services to a wide variety of patients with diverse needs.  Radiology nurses also devote a lot of time to quality improvement and infection control programs within the department.

Radiology Assistants:

The department employs assistants who play a vital role in preparing patients for their examinations, assisting the radiologist or radiographer in performing the examination, and where appropriate helping and comforting patients during their test or treatment.  Assistants work in all areas of the department and are essential to the smooth running of Radiology.

Radiology Porters:

Radiology employs our own team of Porters who are responsible for fetching our in-patients for their imaging examinations and returning them safely to the wards.  Our porters have to work closely with ward and Radiology staff to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible from the patient’s perspective.

Clerical Staff:

Radiology employs a team of clerks, call centre staff, receptionists, typists, secretaries and personal assistants who are all managed by the office managers.  These staff are vital to the running of a radiology department as they are responsible for making all of our appointments and typing all of the examination reports.

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