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Recruitment   -  Scientist Training Programme (STP)



Recruitment to STP posts is coordinated by the National School of Healthcare Science. National School for Healthcare Science logo


NB Information given here is based on previous recuitment methods/timetables and is included for guidance only


Details of the recruitment process are included here



STP training posts are advertised in January of each year (New Scientist and/or )  The advert will redirect you to the NHSCareers website where there is further information and a link to the application form.

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Required Qualifications

There is a strictly applied requirement for a BSc degree with a minimum 2:1 classification in an appropriate physical science.   A first degree with a 2:2 classification may be considered where the candidate has additional post-graduate qualifications.

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Competition for STP training posts is fierce, with many applications recieved for each post. Your application therefore needs considerable thought and preparation to ensure that it stands out from the crowd.

Applicants will be required to undertake a timed aptitude test before they can submit their completed application.

You will be asked to specify your choice of specialism and the theme (eg radiotherapy in medical physics) and to specify your preferred location for training (Sheffield is in the Yorks and Humber region).  You are allowed to specify two choices, these may be in different themes

You will be required to answer five essay questions each has a 250 word limit in which you will describe:

  • Your mottivation and committment to the training programme
  • Your passion for science and technology
  • How you would apply your knowledge for the benefit of patients
  • How you have demonstrated leadership skills
  • What have you done to find out about the training scheme.

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Once the closing date for applications is reached, they are forwarded to a series of shortlisting panels of around 5 people.  Your application will be read by each of the panel members and a score given for qualifications and your responses to each of the essay questions.  The National School collates the information and those with the highest scores will be offered interviews.

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Interviews for Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering have previously been held in mid-late March at  Birmingham City Football Club.

Candidates will be interviewed at four different interview stations with 10mins at each station.  Some of the stations will assess the candidates scientific knowledge both of general scientific principles but also of the basics of the theme applied for, while other stations assess leadership skills. 

Four candidates will be interviewed in parallel with one candidate at each of the four stations, after the allotted 10mins candidates will then move on to another station.  The consequence of this, is that a candidate may be faced with difficult scientific questions first and candidates should avoid being thrown by this.

The interviewers will not have the candidates application in front of them so it is useful to have in mind a brief introduction giving an overview of qualification and experience.

The 2 interviewers will score the performance of the candidate, based on their scientific abilities but also will give a seperate score for communication.  The National School will collate all scores and rank candidates according to their performance.

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Allocation to a training centre

The National School will offer training posts to candidates in order of their ranking at interview.  The candidate with the highest ranking will therefore be offered a post in their chosen specialty and chosen training centre.  However a candidate who is further down the ranking list may be offered a post at another centre which is not their preferred centre but has a vacancy remaining.

Once allocated the training centres will be informed and local HR formalities including health, qualification and CRB checks will be performed ahead of the start date in September.

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